Yale’s opportunity to lead as the US and China negotiate

Andrew Revkin in the NYT blog Dot Earth discusses US/China relations on climate, sparked by a new Rolling Stone article about the same, “China, the Climate, and the Fate of the Planet.”

At the end of Revkin’s essay, he quotes Zou Ji, a Chinese climate strategist, commenting on energy-intensive lifestyles in the US:


‘China needs to do its part, but right now the U.S. still has huge potential to do more,’ he says forcefully. ‘I have lived in the U.S., where everyone has a clothes dryer and an air conditioner and a big refrigerator and a big house and a big car. In the EU and Japan, they also live well, but people there only consume half the energy Americans do. You do have the capacity to live at the same standard and consume far less – if you choose.’

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